• Signature and Handwriting Identification
  • Ink Differentiation
  • Indentation Analysis
  • Lecturing and Training
  • Testifying
  • Impeachment Of Unqualified
  • Research on Complex Document Issues

Prominent Cases

Cathy Parker vs Kelly Ripa
ABC News 20/ 20 Anthrax Letters
USA vs Thomas Cusack

Starring in the Philadelphia Movie as the Expert for the EEOC


Other Testimonials:

"I know that your testimony was very helpful in this case and certainly appreciate your willingness to work with us on such short notice"
Thomas A. Sprague, Esq.

"I was extremely impressed with your thoroughness and preparation, as well as your grasp of the problems facing me in trying the case. Of even more importance however, was the image which you projected from the stand, which together with the substance of your testimony made an extremely impressive display. Thank you again."
George L. Seltzer, Esq.

"Your testimony was very helpful to the Court in reaching it's decision in favor of the estate of [name redacted], deceased. Judge Levy is a man of few words, but he did note the importance of your testimony in reaching his conclusions from the evidence. I am certain that your testimony was crucial in neutralizing the testimony of the attorney who testified that he had witnessed the signature on the Deed. Mrs. [name redacted] and I are very grateful for the assistance you rendered."
William Bunting, Esq.

"Having been able to observe the expert witnesses during their testimony, and considering the methodology utilized in analyzing the questioned signature, and having heard their respective testimony, we find that the testimony of Mr. Phillips was more persuasive than that of [name redacted]."
Judge Bonavitacola


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