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Documentation & Handwriting Investigations

Scientific document examination and handwriting identification from our Philadelphia area office professionals in Audubon, New Jersey allow you to better prove the authenticity of any signature or disputed writing. Robert J. Phillips & Associates' document examiners and handwriting experts help you avoid being defrauded by misleading documentation and handwriting. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

"I am writing to express my confidence in your abilities to serve as an expert witness in reference to document analysis and writing and handwriting analysis. I found your work to be excellent and I also found you to perform on the witness stand as an expert witness in a very credible and knowledgeable fashion."
Samuel C. Stretton, Esq.

Signature, Numeral, & Handwriting Identification We use various techniques to accurately authenticate disputed documents. Since all so-called “indicia of forgery” can have reasonable alternate explanations, we evaluate internal factors, such as health, medication, illness, fatigue, and nervousness, and external factors, such as writing conditions, posture, type of writing instruments used, and environment, and their affect on the writing comparing these factors in disputed handwriting samples as well as known samples to find the answers you seek. Preferably, we like to have samples of the same types (i.e. similar pen, similar paper) that are closely contemporaneous. All initial findings are presented in a preliminary opinion report which often requests more information to write a final report that complies with all scientific and legal authority, and can be defended in court.

Ink Differentiation

With infrared and ultraviolet light, as well as various color filters, we can distinguish the differences between known samples and questioned entries to determine different types of ink, therefore showing differences in entries. We also are associated with ink dating specialists who are available to help you. Basically by measuring the relative dryness of the ink on questioned and known entries an approximate date of disputed entries can be determined. We need a known sample of ink with a known date of entry to provide an estimation of when the questionable ink was added.

Indentation Analysis

Using special equipment, we can decipher indentations on the surface of the paper to determine whether a page was substituted, whether information was added later, or whether something was removed from the record and replaced with something else, among other things. This service is often performed in conjunction with other services for complete reports. Over time, indentations can fade from the surface, therefore, the likelihood of an accurate analysis becomes more difficult as time passes so it imperative these cases are processed quickly.

Lecturing & Training

We offer two-year apprenticeships and supervised training via the Internet to ensure that practicing Document Examiners comply with all requirements in the field. This program complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding apprenticeship programs. We guarantee superior knowledge of the field of questioned documents to anyone who completes this program who will then be permitted to list us on their resume as a source of training. This office is uniquely qualified to teach this program not only having had many years of government service as a Document Examiner with acompanying training, but also many years in private practice providing a unique perspective on the field which can enhance your practice. We welcome college students graduating with Science or Law Enforcement degrees, private individuals, current law enforcement personnel looking to enhance their portfolios and experience, and others looking to change their career with a future comprehensive program now being developed. Our hands-on environment includes lectures on document examinations to banks, insurance companies, law firms, private investigation groups, colleges and law schools as well as one-on-one supervision to those enrolled in our two-year apprenticeship program. A survey of fees charged by document examiners reveals that those who have completed a two-year apprenticeship program earn as much as 500% more that private examiners who have not completed such a program. It is possible that the student may be able to recoup the cost of the training over time, given the current difference in fees charged by those who have completed a two year program compared to those who have not. A limited number of apprenticeships will be offered due to time constraints. The target deadline is in September, so please contact me as soon as possible to reserve one of the spaces.
Due to time constraints, obviously, I can only grant a limited number of slots in the two-year apprenticeship program, so act quickly.


For those not interested in a full two-year apprenticeship program or complete course, a series of lectures, as a package, will be offered in the future for which attendees will receive a certificate of attendance on various topics in the field of Questioned Document Analysis to add to their credentials documenting their training.


Our owner has made more than 500 expert witness court appearances since 1975 in vicinages in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut, California, Nevada, and Utah. He's testified in local, state, and federal courts, as well as at arbitration proceedings. Given the nature of the expense of testifying, a greater focus has been recently placed on excellent report writing in an effort to resolve cases without going to court. Ninety-Seven percent of our cases settle. This is because, we as experts, prove our conclusions by showing the opposite conclusion cannot be true. In the absence of a contradictory report from a comparably qualified expert, there is a significant chance the case will be resolved without the expense of a trial.

"I have known Robert Phillips for ten (10) years. I have used him as an expert witness in many Civil and Criminal trials. His work product is of the highest quality. He is an exceptional witness. It is my opinion that he is a pillar in the scientific community. He receives my highest recommendation."
Gerald B. Ingram, Esq.

"I am pleased to inform you that the arbitration panel entered an award in favor of the Estate and against the defendant in the above-captioned matter. In a later conversation with one of the panel members, I was advised that the decision was based upon the panel's finding that a forgery was established and not upon any of the many other issues raised. In that regard, of course, your testimony proved invaluable."
Pamela E. Lewis, Esq.

"Please accept my heartfelt thanks and those of [clients' names redacted], on whose behalf I retained you in the above matter. There is no doubt that your knowledge and skill, as a handwriting expert and your testimony were deciding factors in the successful trial of this case."
Francis J.Dooley, Esq.

"I am writing to advise you that this case was successfully concluded in favor of my client, [name redacted]. The jury returned a verdict and found that the documents that were in question were, indeed, fraudulent. The jury awarded compensatory and punitive damages. Your testimony, I believe, was critical in establishing that the documents were fraudulently created and backdated. This fact, in part, motivated the jury to find in favor of the plaintiff. It was a pleasure to finally have one of the several cases that we have worked on together be tried before a jury and the outcome was most satisfying."
Saul H. Krenzel, Esq.

"I must tell you that your testimony was of great importance to the jury. You educated them with respect to questioned document analysis as a forensic art and science. I know that they were impressed with your testimony as was the judge and even the prosecutor. It certainly created doubt about the authenticity of the documents. I am especially grateful that you were willing to spend time with me to help me prepare for cross-examination of the state's questioned document examiner. Your suggested cross-examination and the materials you gave me to read allowed me to destroy his credibility. By the same token, our preparation together enabled me to get the most out of your testimony. It was a pleasure working with you. I look forward to calling upon you in the future. You can be sure that I will refer other attorneys to you."
Joseph J. Rodgers, Esq.

" Thank you again for your services in this matter. There is no question that your testimony clearly aided this Court in reaching a decision favorable to my client. Without your cooperation throughout the proceeding, I doubt that we could have accomplished this result."
Stephen B. Rubin, Esq.

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Using our extensive questioned document library, we're able to research complex, questioned document cases for other document examiners. If you need opposing experts' opinions dismissed or discredited, we can impeach their erroneous, incomplete, and unqualified statements by authoritative treatise that they will recognize as authoritative. Experience peace of mind about documents affecting your organization and legal case with our quality work.

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